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Ginger, Garlic, Lemon and Honey_ said to kill Corona virus.

  • 27 Apr, 20 07:01am
  • Kristy
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A member of our local assembly here (a lady) got exposed at her work place to someone who came in from UK with Covid-19 and she caught the virus. She tested positive along-side her colleague and the original carrier who flew in from abroad and was taken to one of the isolation centers here in Lagos. Thanks to God she is now healed and discharged earlier this week.

I am reporting this to share her experience. Maybe it might be useful to our people at large.

1. She said she had no serious symptoms except for mild fever, a blocked nostril and joint aches. She treated it with malaria medicine and was fine. NCDC came for them because the main carrier who came in from abroad was having serious symptoms and after the test, their results also came out positive and so they had to be kept at the isolation center.

2. At the isolation center: The next day after they were taken in, the doctors came and she was given (a) Vitamin C, (b) Chloroquine, (c) Augmentin, and (d) Antiretroviral drugs. She said she took this medication only once because she reacted to it (she was stooling heavily). So after the first medication, she didn’t take any medication again.

3. What She took that cured her: She got one of the medical personnel to help her buy (a) Ginger, (b) Garlic, (c) Honey, and (d) Lemon. She quizzed them together and was drinking the juice. They took her sample again after two days and when the result came out, she was negative. She continued with the therapy and her second negative result came out after the second test was conducted and she was afterwards discharged after proper check and counselling.

When she was there, some of those she met there who have been taking the drugs the doctors provide saw her progress and enquired to know what she was taking. She opened up to the few she had bonded with for fear of the official. Those she told even started chewing the garlic and ginger and to her surprise, two who were seriously down were discharged even before her

She said the officials know that ginger, garlic, honey and lemon can cure this virus but out of fear they won’t open up to Nigerians because government is making money from this whole thing.

The doctors told them that Covid-19, when contacted, the immune system naturally fights it. The virus has only a life span of 14days in the body and within that period, it moves about in people’s body without any harm or symptom until it finds an underlying medical condition which it preys on. In most cases, it is the symptoms of this medical condition that increases and end up killing the patient. Majority of those who die are those who have existing medical conditions which the virus preys on.

Her advice: The doctors told them to ensure their immune system is boosted, treat any existing medical condition and everything will be fine. She also added that people should on their own take ginger, garlic, lemon and honey, once in a while to clear the system and don’t wait until they are knocked down.



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